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 Character Creation - PART 1

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BeitragThema: Character Creation - PART 1   18.04.16 11:29

(Because I am lazy / have not enough time atm), I'll use the character-Sheet of the last RP we did, yet a bit changed. Very Happy At least that's what I wanted to do to...ah, well, look for yourself!)

Here you can create your character - easy, right?

One Character for each RPg and please remember the balancing. The Character of course will and should be able to do things at the beginning, yet shouldn't kill everything with one hit (except lesser beeings; Monsters otherwise shouldn't be 1-hits. Those are the things we should and would fight the more and of course this could me we could get tired fromg etting from one town to the next.)


This time the world isn't fully free to explore. It also shouldn't be too easy to travel between citys, yet also not impossible. It's advised to move through open fields more than moving through dark, mazelike forests. Of course, there will be magic, swordmagic, swordtechniques which can send out shockwaves over the round, Holy Light (for the "sparkling-sparkly Paladins") and normal light (For the Paladins) as well as an Element-System.

Element-Connections/-Interactions are a simple system as this:
- Wind beats Earth;
- Earth beats Water;
- Water beats Fire;
- Fire beats Wind.

Light and Darkness are effective against eachother and do have no weakness to the other elements, yet also don't counter them.
Those two are more like the "Neutral Elements". However "darkness" does not mean "the evil side" in this case. The dose makes the poison. Even "light" could be bad.

What am I allowed to create now?
In general it will be possible for the fighter to use every element, as example a sword-strike that is allowing a wind-ripple to go over the ground - or a punch on the ground with such strenght, that the earth will quake. However, not at the beginning.
There is not a "classic" healer-type this time. At least I mean you shouldn't try to make a healer-only character. Even as a brawler you are able to heal allies or yourself to a grade. We will probably do it similar to Dragon Ball or Naruto, where we will announe our skills very loudly like this: "Holy Soulwell!" *pew-sparkle-pew* *Healing arrives*

As a meelee you are allowed to only have one element at the beginning, yet you are very powerful with that one as well as with physical attacks and a bulwark of manpower. You even have as much power to transform the shape of your attacks like a Beast's maw around your firsts for one skill - as an example. (Yet just the form, it won't act on it's own like a real head!)

Magic-user are allowed to use all elements as well. Yes, the fullspectrum of fire, water, earth, wind, light and darkness. Just Light AND Darkness will not be allowed. OR is okay. (With Wind as example you can even cast levitation-spells on the party...yes, yes, that's all possible!)
You can also speak spells with a longer line, which would justify that you need protection for casting - not because ou are too lazy to fight of course! Just nothing like simple: "Earthquake!" for a more powerfuls pell. Then rather something like: "Earth, below my feet, let the ground tremble! Quake!" or "Oh, Blade of wind, cut my enemy in pieces...! Windblade!" - something like this would be very nice, though.

Of course you also can take a Sword-Magic-Hybrid character. Nothing's im possible. However, then you only have 2 elements and are mostly basic with them. And you also can't take elements that would be weak with another. As example: Fire + Water or Earth + Wind will not be allowed. As well as Light and Darkness, yet that I wrote above as well, if you remember. (Please do yourself a favor and don't ignite your equipment....that's not cool. Also it's pretty expensive!)
Also your spells are not the best. They are just basic as said.

Elements, yes? How can I imagine it now?
Well, Elements are very different in use and status they could cause. However they don't guarantee those effects unless you really use them like it.
Cunclusion of all Elements(detailed)
- Fire can be used as a negative "burning"-status(duh!), yet also can be a positive healing-spell, similat to enkindle your friends, igniting thier will to fight anew. (Yes, this time it's not water! Who would have thought!) It's however noe healing in the classic sense of "Making the wounds fully closed and no pain left" - it rather only closes the wounds so it stops the bleeding. The wounds only close partially and the pain is still there for a while.
- Water inhabits the negative "poison"-status, making foes loosing their will to fight as well, since they loose their stamina and steals away their life-power. The positive effect of water however can neutralise the most negative effects, similar to a "Medica"-spell.
- Earth has the negetive effect of "Slowing down", yet only on the legs, making it feel, like having legs dragged down with iron. Howevr, it does not slower the punches of the hands and rest of the body. The Positive effect is a "Metal"-effect, making body-parts or hairs shortly hard as iron. Alternative you also could say hard like a diamond, yet...for the beginning that's a bit too strong, aye?
- Wind has the negetive effect of "fatigue", making the arms mainly getting tired. Sword-strikes will be more slow, reaction times for blocking will also go down. As for Magic users this means your spells get slower as well, like you could not remember your spells as good as before. The positive effect of wind however is the exact opposite, making you faster in any way. Even with your legs.
- Light and Darkness are balanced in eachother. Combined with other elements they alter them, yet passive they are granting a chance of stunning the enemy shortly. However you also can blind them for obvious reasons. When struck with light, you will be able to dispel it with darkness only.

Here is a graphic that says the exact same things, so you don't have to read as much:
I even edited it! Wooh!:

Was that it? Can I now start?
Of course some thing like: "Has gunblade with blade that can cut anything and everything and can cast mighty *insert element here*-magic" is not allowed..
Hower it's allowed to wield a sword and shield or using claws and tail for attacking. Even bows are llowed, as well as staffs and tomes/books - just saying!

I noticed I don't know anything about this world yet! Tell me more!
In this world monsters are appearing, which once were human, animals or even lifeless objects one. However why they mutate noone knows yet. They attack humans anmials and surroundings alike and mostly don't seem sentient. Of those however Beastkin evolved as well - mostly animals that getting a more human-like shape, yet were not becoming monster and evolved a conciousness. Usually they are bigger than they were before in their animal-form.

Because of this, there shouldn't be too many little towns, yet bigger ones are always there of course and probably very beautiful as well. Every town also should have a good defense, but there are always more ways into a town and out. Really! I mean...in and out...uhm...I mean ways! Really! L-Like Tunnles! This is no synonym for sex!

Now I can?
Yes. Yes, you can (now!)
Else I wish you much fun during creating!
And for those who need some special gods:
Do them yourself! Make them not too strong, don't make them too weak, or don't make them to begin with - or maybe you are falling down from faith later on, I-dont-care! Noone except a few people reads this anyway...!

Now only a form for the character-creation is coming, which should be the usual thing.
P.S: you can copy the text below even! Don't hurts almost!

-To Tass: Due to me beeing lazy after translating this all, I am not translating the form below - yet I am using that form in my character, Rahe, if you are interested in what points are spoken of there.


[b]Name:[/b] (is klar.)
[b]Charakterfarbe:[/b] (Bitte hier angeben, welche und es auch so einfärben) z.B. "[color=cyan]Cyan[/color]"
[b]Alter:[/b] Für gewöhnlich sollten hier eher so Menschenjahre stehen. Wäre nett, wenn wir das hinbekommen würden.
[b]Geschlecht:[/b] Männlich oder Weiblich - oder Geschlechtslos.
[b]Rasse:[/b] Jahaaa! Dieses mal ist NICHT alles erlaubt. Was erlaubt ist: Menschen, Tiere*, Steine(z.B. Golems und sowas) oder Elementarwesen
* Tiere Erläuterung: Sowohl "Feral" (z.B. ein Wolf auf 4 Pfoten, welcher... ein Wolf ist...), aber auch "Beastkin"(Tierwesen, welche auf zwei Beinen gehen, jedoch immer noch ihre animalischen Charakteristika haben, z.B. Wolf-Beastkin: gute Nase und gute Ohren und so, aber auch ihre Klauen und Fänge etc. behalten)
[b]Wohnort:[/b] Wenn er/sie denn einen festen Wohnort hat/hatte, wäre das gut zu wissen.
[b]Herkunft:[/b] Is schon wichtig. z.B. "Wald soundso" oder "Landschaft im *Himmelsrichtung*, soundso von *irgendein Ort* entfernt.

[b]Charakter:[/b] reicht in stichworten. Z.B: frohgesinnt, redefaul, mag es an anderen zu schnüffeln (usw.)
[b]Gott:[/b] Falls benötigt, fügt hier einen Gott ein. Hier einfügen. Nein, Pastafari und Jehova oder sonstige "Reale" Religionen gelten nicht. Und bitte...macht sie nicht zu stark. Aber auch nicht zu schwach. Sie sollten keine große Rolle in dem Rp einnehmen, evtl nur als Schutzgottheit dienen, an die man glauben kann um neue Kraft zu sammeln - oder sowas halt.

[b]Aussehen:[/b] bitte Bild einfügen, wenn's geht. [url=ADDRESSE HIER EINFÜGEN!][/url] etc. Formwandeln ist nicht gestattet, sollte sich in der Story jedoch eine "Mutation" oder sontiges ergeben, müssen wir mal reden...

[b]Fähigkeiten:[/b] Da habe ich oben schon genug gesagt. Magie, Klauen, Schwertkampf etc. Alternativ hätte ich das hier auch "Waffe" genannt, wäre aber zu eintönig.
Ihr könnt auch Fähigkeiten besser beschreiben. z.B:

[b][color= ]*Hier Kategorie einfügen*:[/color][/b]
Er/Sie ist begabt in der *Hier Kategorie einfügen*. Durch jahrelanges Training (oder auch nicht) ist er/sie gut/Laie/whatever geworden und blahblahblah TIDAL WAVE!
(oder so)

WICHTIG IST HIER: Elementaffinität nennen, welche ihr beherrscht. Mehr nicht. Zumindest hier.

Wäre schön, wenn sie etwas detailliert ist. Nicht ZUUU detailliert und bitte keine Sonderhintergrundgeschichten mit irgendwelchen Monstern, die Eure Familie verwüstet haben und euch zu Supervampieren machte (o.ä.) *Auf 9Gods kuck* Vampiere gibts nämlich eigentlich hier so nicht. Die sind nur Mythen.
Ihr dürft gerne eine Geschichte haben - aber bitte nich zu abgedreht oder "ich muss das alleine machen"-mäßig. Wir wollen miteinander spielen, nicht alleine.

Kann auch mitunter "Ziele" ansprechen. Bittedankeschön.

Änderungen in seinem Stil/den Kenntnissen der Magie oder was auch immer werden durch einen "Edit" festgehalten und unten genannt.

WICHTIG IST HIER: Elementaffinität nennen(Ja, nochmal, damit man es immer wieder als übersicht hat!) zudem bitte eure Zauber / Waffenfertigkeiten. Es wird weniger "Normale" sacheng eben - also ist ein Kurz entflammendes Schwert beispielsweise möglich. Erlischt jedoch nach dem Angriff wieder und kostet euch Kraft. Die habt ihr nicht unbegrenzt, da sie mit euerer Ausdauer und Lebenskraft einher geht. ein mal benutzen macht euch aber nicht gleich zu ner Kraftlusche.

Feuer hat von vornherein den "Heilzauber", wie oben beschrieben. Er heilt nur etwas, entfacht dafür das neu. Wasser hat auch von vornherein den "Medica"-effekt. Evtl. Müssen wir da mal reden, dann klappt das schon.

Nennt die Skills am besten auch "Feuer neu entfachen"(Feuer) oder "Besserung der Seele"(Wasser) - inklusive beschreibung, was die Fähigkeit macht. Seid mal kreativ~ deutsche Namen wären übrigens schön.
Hier wäre es schön, wenn die zusaätzlichen Fähigkeiten erst später erscheinen.

Edit 1: Hab neue Technik hinzugefügt unter Kampfstile: "Hier name der neuen Technik"

Neue Techniken werden immer mal wieder im RP erlaubt, wir wollen ja nicht in einer Stasis festhängen.

Also lasst euch noch was übrig für später. z.B: nicht am anfang schon eine blutgetränkte Klingenfähigkeit besitzen.


Now then!
Let's go!

ラピード <3

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BeitragThema: Re: Character Creation - PART 1   18.04.16 12:34

(by Fuchi)

Name: Nori (Wrym)
Charactercolor: "R.E.D what else?"
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human(?)
Homeroom: Room in the palace in Capital
Origin: Haupstadt

Character: calm, serene and determined
God: -
Look: Nori has scars over her whole body, since she is a bodyguard for Lisbeth (see below) since her early days. At the beginning of the RP she still has both arms. Besides this, she almost always is seen smoking with her pretty expensive looking pipe

She is trained with the sword to protect and also is pretty tanky. She can take lots of hits and is pretty durable.

Swordfight and magic
Since nori was a kid, she was trained in swordfight to protect her ward.

Physical training
She trianed her body pretty earls already to not fall down after one strike.

Elementaffinity: Earth and Fire!

Nori was raised by the King's Family "Wyrm" of the Capital, since her parents were close to their Family, yet assassinated. Nori was raised together with Lisbeth, ever since feeling like sisters. Official Nori was adopted, yet does not have the name "Wyrm" as her surname, since she is not royality. However she is treated like she is a member of Wyrm. Yet still, it was set from the beginning that Nori would be Lisbeth's warden. That's why she was trained under the 5th Devision's general, who is close to the Wyrm-Family as well, yet a free division. Even if Nori and Lisbeth are like sisters in private, when they are in public on events or before guests, they are acting like Lady and servant; as much as calling Lisybeth by her full name "Lady Lisbeth of Wyrm"

Fighting-style and Abilitys:

Blade of the Keeper
Strong attacks to parry and block for her ward to give her time to escape. (Strenghtens her powers by Earth-Element and shortly gets surrounded by a stone-like skin, likewise her sword gets surrounded by Earth.)

blade of the Destroyer
The Opposite to the one above. Dominant fighting style for making other panic and putting all power in attacks, yet lowering the defense to intimidate and hitting vital points of the enemy. (Strenghtened by the Fire-Element. The Blade gets completely enveloped in flames)

Click me Wink:

"Ignite again, soul of fight!" / "Ignite anew, wit of fighting!"(Fire)
Nori is igniting the soul again to heal from wounds.

Indestructable like the Earth itself! HAH! / The Earth shall be my shield! HAH! (Earth)
Nori Protects herself with earth and has a shield for herself to get immune to a few attacks.


This character is no second Character, yet kind of an NPC in Nori's Story (At least in the beginning)

Name: Lisbeth of Wrym
Charactercolor: Such a green
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of living: A Romm in the Palace of Capital
Origin: Capital
Character: calm, playful, very friendly and very helpful
Swordfight: Similar to Nori, yet way weaker

Elementaffinity: Water and Wind

Lisbeth is the little sister of Nori as stated above. She as well was trained by the Generel of the 5th Division of Capital, yet not as enduring and long as Nori. Lissy is way more affinated with Magic and wants to support Nori better than beeing a klutz to her.

Fighting-Style and Abilitys:

Purify the Evil! / "Pain, be gone by water!(Water)
Lissy is washing away a negative effect without trace.

Drown at your own doings! / May your sins drag you into the blue abyss!!(Water)
Lissy is poisoning an enemy or at least...tries to drown him somehow...

Faster than your legs should carry you! / Faster than thy foes thy shall be!(Wind)
"Gotta go fast" it's like to say, yet...Lisy somehow dislikes only blue hedgehogs... ;P

win shall press you down! / Headwind is great, mh?(Wind)
Lissy is slowing down the muscles of the enemy as good as she can.

ラピード <3

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BeitragThema: Re: Character Creation - PART 1   18.04.16 13:09

Name: Rahe
Charactercolor: I take this green here. 00cc00
Age: 24 in human years
Gender: Male
Race: Beastkin - Race: Skunk
Place of living: None. He is moving through the streets.

Origin: Rahe does not know much of his life before he was becoming a Beastkin. Yet since he was waking up at the Capital, he was saying that would be his "Origin" of his new beeing.

Character: curious, often in a good mood, clever, helpful clingy, a bit bad with Words still (He has to learn how many different words there are. Because of that he sometimes sounds strange or stupid - or does not say anything.), he smokes a pipe similar to Nori, yet with herbs rather than tobacco. Bad smells are not affecting him much.

God: ...?

Appearance: Rahe is an almost 2 meter and 10 cm tall and has a smimilar, almost one meter long tail he often wears around his hips, like a belt. He uses his claws and fangs, as well as his glands on his butt to spray out a vile, stinking gas or liquid - which spreads the typical skunk-stench.

Sinec his body is having fur everywhere he only wears a coat to hide who or what he truely is. Due to his fur-color it's very good for hiding in the streets' alleys. Once he leaves the town, he'll probably still war his coat. He usually does not have a strong scent or smelly pretty neutral, due to his wind-element control. Even if he is a skunk: He does not stink!

Picture of Rahe: https://i.imgur.com/pasPs2M.png

Skills: Rahe uses his claws and fangs as well as his stench to fight. Those are his "Weapons". besides that he does have a better hearing and smelling than a human, yet not that much better.

Weaponless fight with tail, claws, fangs and stench:
Without weaponry, yet he can use fangs and claws easily. Due to his tail beeing that big, he can hit pretty hard with it as well. Once the first hit connects, other's will follow or he turns around to attack with his claws. He is still a bit uncomfortable due to not beeing used to his changed body, so his control in fighting is not best yet.

Elementaffinity: Water and Wind

Well...there is not much of a Story for Rahe to tell. He became to a Beastkin and since that point remembers most of things to having a conciousness from that day. Before he was simply not interested in those things.
However he was living mostly as a thief, yet was still able to look at the humans and learned their language. Especially a certain royal family named Wyrm was catching his eye and ears...

fighting-style and abilitys:
His style is pretty wild and includes many punches and strikes. Beside that he can use magic, yet due to his words not beeing the best yet his magic spells are rather short, and a bit weaker than they should be.

Waterbased Spells:

"Poisoning!" / "Poison!"
Puts on a status of poison on the enemy, making him cough like he would have a small sickness.

"Decay!" / "Begone!"
Drains the spirit of the enemy, yet Rahe has to stand still to maintain it.

"Recovery!" / "Cleanse!"
Rahe takes down one negative status, yet does not protect from new ones. Also can not use it often in success.

"Water!" / "Drink!"
Rahe creates an orb of water that one can even drink.

Windbased Spells:

"Wind!" / "Blow!"
Rahe creates a short gust of wind that is moving the air. It's useful for bringing away smells or scaring shortly. Probably useful...?

"Ease!" / "Speed!"
Rahe is speeding up himself or the group so one can move faster. Also good for manipulating the enemys, to make them side off a cliff or running into a wall...!


Wind & Water:

"Ice!" / "Frost!"
Rahe is freezing the enemy with a slight Ice-spell, yet the longer he concentrates, the more it freezes.

"Lance!" / "Shard!"
Rahe is throwing Ice-shards on the enemy. First small reach and power, later on stronger.

Affinity: Water- and Ice-Claws: Rahe is cloaking his claws or tail in Water or ice, hitting with it. Ice makes his claws sharper and more deadly, while Water has a poisoning effect.


Edit 1 after/during the dwarf's town:
Hybrid-spells: Wind & Water - "Ice!" and "Lance!"
Improvements: Affinity: Water and Ice-Claws

ラピード <3

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BeitragThema: Re: Character Creation - PART 1   

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Character Creation - PART 1
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